Town of Minto - Community Sustainability

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Client: Town of Minto
Task: Integrated Sustainable Community Plan
Skills: Community Consultation
Conservation / Smart Growth Planning
Ecological Footprint Analysis
Strategic Analysis
Incite Planning examined the issues vital to long-term sustainability of Minto.  A comprehensive analysis of Minto’s Strategic documents identified themes and issues regrouped into new themes as seen through the “lens” of Sustainability.

A consultation process, including meetings, interviews, surveys and workshops with Council, staff, and the community, allowed priorities to emerge.  These became the goals for the plan.   Key to any plan is the way to get to the desired end result. Along with the principles that must be applied to fulfill them, intermediate and long-term targets were outlined.   

The parameters of the targets, including requirements for educational approaches, community engagement, further analysis, or implementation barriers were identified. Methods to achieve those targets were designed and their feasibility assessed.  Importantly, roles and responsibilities were outlined, and along with a suggested timeline for implementation and monitoring. The final plan is now a key strategic document for Minto to achieve its sustainability goals.