Curve Lake First Nation - Comprehensive Plan

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Client: Curve Lake First Nation
Task: Comprehensive Community Plan
Skills: GIS Mapping
Land Use Analysis
Population Forecasting
Community Consultation
Incite Planning was involved in a comprehensive review of the Curve Lake’s services and operations.  We were retained to furnish a planning review of its land use and population.

The community is a complex mix of mainland, drowned land, and islands.  In addition, there are fee simple lands, some of which were subject to the Specific Claims and Additions to Reserve processes.  Our analysis of their land tenure, settlement patterns, land use sectors, and infrastructure initiatives was based on Conservation Planning principles of preserving the unique natural and cultural features of the community, and as well as avoiding hazards.  We also used Smart Growth design as a framework for neighbourhoods that would be people-friendly, as well as delineating those areas that should be used for growth and business development.   

Understanding present and future population demands was an important piece of addressing the usual issues of fertility and aging, status and residency (more about “Population Forecasting”).   Our analysis encompassed a profile of everyone living in the community, along with projections of the entire, as well as various segments, of the population.

As part of the Community Development exercise, an opinion survey was undertaken to solicit views on how well the community was functioning, including issues of housing and land use.  We provided a review of the resulting environmental, infrastructure, and community issues; along with proposed zoning categories and more formal planning procedures.  The results were presented to politicians, staff, and community members for further consideration and action.