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Traditional land use is often consistent with modern planning principles of integrated sustainable development. We can help you codify common practice and traditional understanding of land use through the contemporary tools of planning.

At Incite Planning, we believe the community is an integral part of any planning process, from initial vision to final implementation. We take the time to listen to people. Every community is unique, so our approach is to encourage you to talk about your aspirations and then work with you to find the best solution suited to your circumstances.



Pedestrian Shed of a mixed-use corridor

We offer a wide variety of planning services, such as:

  • GIS Mapping
  • Demographic Forecast
  • Community Economic Analysis
  • Procedure Manual Development

These may be purchased as single services, but may also be part of a larger comprehensive planning exercise.


David at OPPI charette 2012

OPPI design charette 2012; photo: John Narvali

Once you are ready to begin a community planning exercise, we can help you get started:

  • Strategic Thinking Document
  • Community Mapping Exercise
  • Project Coordination

If you are already into your own community planning exercise, we can assist by acting as independent facilitators of the process. As a neutral third party, we may also help you work through contentious land issues while remaining objective.


Planning is a continuous Circle

We conduct a variety of workshops and training seminars that raise awareness and provide guidance and advice about the planning process. Workshops may be held with a single community, or a group such as land managers association, or tribal council.

  • ‘The Planning Cycle’
  • ‘Evaluating the Plan & the Planner’
  • ‘Land Use and Economic Development’


These include any combination of the above to develop a comprehensive planning package:

  • Land Use Plan
  • Environmental Management Plan
  • Economic Development Strategy

We Provide documentation, mapping and administrative procedures as needed.

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