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At Incite Planning, we attempt to integrate the intimate understanding a community has of itself with the expertise we have for knowing about it. We aim to incorporate technical, aesthetic, cultural, and community considerations so that the land, the people, and its economy can thrive. Below is a small sampling of some of the projects we’ve been involved with.

Land Use Planning
Examples of three different First Nation projects, from national to local scope… a pilot initiative in Community Planning… interrelated land use concerns of Species at Risk, Land Acquisition, and Dispute Resolution… Sustainable Development efforts to socially unify physically separated settlement areas…To Read More Click Here
Fibre Flax Labour Market Analysis
Over three-quarters of the world’s fibre production is either polyester or cotton. But ancient natural fibres such as flax are still being grown and under the principles of Sustainable Development could be revived as a viable industry in Ontario…                         To Read More Click Here
Integrated Community Sustainability Plan: Town of Minto
Incite Planning examined the issues vital to long-term sustainability of Minto…  including requirements for educational approaches, community engagement, further analysis, or implementation barriers…  Methods to achieve those targets were designed and their feasibility assessed…  along with a suggested timeline for implementation… To Read More Click Here
Comprehensive Community Plan: Curve Lake First Nation
Incite Planning was involved in a comprehensive review of the Curve Lake services and operations. We were retained to furnish a planning review of its land use and population…                        To Read More Click Here
Population Forecasting
By the turn of the millennium, many First Nation communities began to worry about the status of their children. It was becoming apparent that babies born into the community were no longer going to be officially recognized as First Nation status by the federal government…To Read More Click Here
Renewable Energy
The ability of communities not simply to survive, but thrive, is becoming ever more enmeshed with the energy they use. We began to realize the connection of renewable energy to the principles of Sustainable Development…                                                   To Read More Click Here
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